Welcome to my web site!

The Photobucket site will not allow my

pictures to be on my site unless I pay them

a HUGE amount of money each year.  I am

attempting to find another way to upload

over 2000 pictures back onto my site.

Now I find out I have to remake the site all

over again!!!!

                GREAT NEWS!!!!!

The links to my National Geographic

pictures (Nat Geo #1 and Nat Geo #2) still

work!!! I am happy to report so if you want

to see my pictures there at that site, please

click on the button of your choice.

Please keep coming back to my website to see new things I add.  Thanks

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***You may choose to look at my GLASS section.  This section has six areas to pick from.  One is CHEMISTRY where I have written a few articles about glass in general.  Another choice is GLASS STORIES where I have written articles that I hope will be of interest to you.  There are four modern COMPANIES to choose from to see the history of them making machine made marbles for you to check out.  This part is for you to name the runs of your own marbles or to see where they came from.  History and identification of marbles is very important in collecting marbles and making your own collection complete.

***You may choose to look at my PHOTOGRAPHY section.  This section has two areas to pick from.  One is TECHNICAL STUFF where I have done some studies that might help you to understand your own cameras or lenses.  The other choice is MY PHOTOS where you can see my personal photography.

***You may choose to look at my MATHEMATICS section where you can see articles that I have written to assist in understanding some of the more challenging curricula for students.  Note the color coding.  This is to help understand the relationship between the words and the math.  For example: A word in red will be associated with the math written in red.

***You may choose to go to my SCRAPBOOKS section to see examples of books/journals that I have made.

***You may want to see my first set photos on National Geogrephic by clicking on NAT GEO #1.

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