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2012 Jabo Joker XXV Run 09(23)

Very early in the morning, the oven need to reach a temperature of

2300 degrees F. You can see in the picture below the flame from the

back of the oven shooting about 5 feet out to the open air.

Inside the oven pictures.


On the top of the oven are the crucibles where glass may be

dropped into the molten glass already I the oven to melt and join the

circulation flow inside there.


Here is where the white base glass goes into the oven. Shovel full

scoops are thrown in.

Here is a picture of some of the broken shards that will add color to

the marbles made.

Here are some pictures of the machine itself showing the stream of

hot molten glass as it exits the oven.


Here are pictures of the rollers the marbles go down as they become



The employees have to make sure all the parts are working well

during the run.



The members of the Jabo Joker team also need to keep an eye on

the marbles as they roll down the long shoot toward the collecting




Continual communication is needed to keep the process moving



Occasionally, another method of adding glass is used.


Sometimes problems will occur. Here a plugged part with glass is

needed to be opened.



The machine needs to be pulled away while the problem is dealt with

and glass steams to the floor.


Once the problem is solves, production starts once again. In these

pictures, the glass is still very hot. When the marbles reach room

temperature, the colors become more vibrant and true to the original

rod color. In the meantime, fiber blankets help the cooling.


Here are some pictures of the marbles in the collecting metal tubs

and are about 1000 degrees F.




More pictures will be posted as soon as I get the marbles in the mail.