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2012  Jabo Virgo Run  09(23)

This day, an experiment was going to take place. It was to see how

reactive glass would do in an oven when non-reactive glass was

introduced in the oven at the same time. The hope was to have the

two different colored/type rods to make more than two colors. The

second object was to have a line separate the color band from the

white base glass. Later in the experiment was an attempt to widen

the color band to cover more of the white base glass.

Let us start with pictures of the marble making machine’s rollers.


Next is s picture of hot glass being cut and dropped onto the rollers.

Here is a picture of the back of the oven where the base glass

will be tossed using a shovel.

The employees must stay alert and make adjustments when

necessary to the machines mechanical workings.


The rollers have to be clean of rust.


Here are pictures of the glass rods. They are altered so exact

color rod numbers are hidden.


Sometimes the glass rods have to be made into shards. Here I am

pounding the rods into smaller pieces.

Checking to see if the desired results have occurred.

Here are pictures of the extra glass that came from the oven

but had problems at the machine so it is dumped into a large

metal container.


Here are a few pictures of the marbles made on

September 23, 2012.  They only represent 30% of the run

at the beginning.







The last picture is a close-up of one particular marble’s color

band.   Remember, only 2 rods of colored glass was used to

achieve this look.  This picture is of the color band and was

taken with a 150mm Macro lens.

There will be more pictures of the marbles from this run

as soon as I get them in the mail and will represent the rest

of the 70% of the run.