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2014 Jabo Company History

Jabo Raspberry Patch Run

This run was only for 30 minutes.


Jabo Watermellon Patch Run

This run was a 30 minute run


Shamrock Run


Simply Jabo 3/15/14

This Jabo Company run was only for a short

time making 5000 ¾” marbles.

Jabo Classics 3/15/14.

The Jabo Company will make several

renditions of Jabo Classics and the names

will continue to be called Jabo Classics and

the collector needs to pay attention to the

date they were made. Note that several of

these marbles have cut-lines and several


Jalley 3/16/14

The Alley cullet dug from the ground at the

Alley plant has been at the Jabo Company to

make these marbles. This run was a very

short period of time making only 3 boxes of

marbles. What makes these marbles so

interesting is that they have patches of

several colors.

Coal Miners Run


The Jabo Company made these marbles to honor the Coal Miners. 

The were able to get the base glass to appear to have an oily look. 

Then the marbles were altered to look like the miners

found silver!

Next, the miners found purple quartz!

Then off to find Dolomite.

hematite was not easy but the Miners did it!

Turquoise and Amethyst were the next mineral on the list to find.


The next series of pictures are of a selection of special marbles from

the run:

Tank Wash before the Glassworkers Run

May 31, 2014

blue base

brown base

mixed bases

Glassworkers Run

May 31, 2014

Tank Wash after Glassworkers Run

May 31, 2014

Ronnie Lee Run

June 21, 2014

RD Run

June 21, 2014

Cancer Run

June 28, 2014

DR Run

June 28, 2014

Joker Boulders


Tribute to Cancer Survivors Run

Our world is made up of human kind with all sorts of

medical problems. Some of us have external scars from

things that have happened in our past. Broken bones,

pot marks from infections, baldness from our mother’s

father genes, etc. The list goes on and on and on. Some

of us have internal problems that are unseen. A bad

prostrate gland, cancer, ulcers, etc. This list goes on

and on and on too.

The Jabo Company INC. attempted to capture marbles

that allowed the cancer survivors to be honored by

doing a marble run to commemorate these individuals

as well as making a statement about humanity.

The photo below shows some of the marbles from the

run that illustrates healthy people/unhealthy people but

might have scars on their bodies. These marbles are not

perfectly “clean” on the outside surface similar to a

person that may have scars somewhere on their body.

The photo below shows several kinds of color

combinations of marbles like our own world has. Our

world has several types of color such as white, yellow,

black, brown and various combinations of shades of

color. These marbles once again show that people and

marbles are similar in this situation, blended and might

also have external scars.

The photo below shows some marbles that have internal

problems that are similar to people that have internal

problems – like cancer. The outside of the marble is

clean and clear but on the inside, it is a totally different

story. Cancer is like that. It hides in the inside of an

individual where it can grow like a hateful beast while

the person looks normal on the outside.

The Jabo Inc. Company did an exemplementry job in

the Cancer Survivor Run and continues to lead the

world in making marbles that considers the feelings of

the public.

Jabo Sisterville Scalawags Run

(Note: This was only a 4 hour run)


Jabo E & D Goldies Run

(Note:  There were only 2 gallons of marbles made from this run)


Jabo Galaxy Run


Jabo Buckeneer Run


Jabo Metal Marbles


Jabo Rock Marbles with a small rock inside