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Here is a story that makes me mad, sad, frustrated, sorry and hopeless

all at the same time! 

This morning I had a major shocker.  I went to the workshop and it

was  full of smoke.
  Last night I put two German swirl marbles in the kiln

after repairing them.  I made 3 remelts for a friend.  I repaired 3 other

smaller marbles for a customer (a contemporary, a sulphide and a

swirl).  I fixed 2 marbles for my student I am teaching how to make

marbles that were olive shaped and he wanted them round.  Lastly, I

made a few marbles for myself.

I set the digital controller to the usual annealing temperature and

checked it was working normally and left for home.

The temperature should have been 400 degrees F so I could open the

lid and let it cool to room temperature.  When I got to my workshop, it

was at 1078 degrees F and ALL the marbles were melted together.  I

have no idea how hot it got last night but it had to be over 2300 degrees

F for the glass to have that happen to it.

Below are 2 pictures of the swirls:

Here are pictures of the melted mess:

After the kiln cooled I was able (in pieces) to get the melted glass out.

This is another factor in repairing marbles the customer has to


Apparently the relay that went bad.  Unfortunately, the relay

switch was in the on position and caused the kiln to power up

to the highest temperature it could go.  What a mess!!!