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Jabo Inc. Company

Wash Out Marbles

(2008 through 2011)

When the Jabo Inc. Company wants to change the base

color of their marbles from one color to another, they

have to "wash out" the tank (oven) by changing the old

base color to a new base color.  This is accomplished by

allowing the old base color to drain out to a safe level, while

marbles are being made, to a low level of glass so as not to

harm the oven and then add the new base color.  Marbles are

still being made but now there is a blend of the old glass

color with the new glass color.  The marble pictures below

show the result of this blending of old and new base colors.

They are not easy to find in the marble collecting world and I

an thankful to have them to show you.  They are a

compilation of wash out marbles from 2008 through 2011.