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Antique Flower frog

Back in the day, metal flower frogs were used to keep live flowers in place when they were put into glass vases.  The bases were made using lead and the sharp, pointed spikes were made using brass.

Today‚Äôs marble makers use the frog to place bubbles or spikes in the interior of a marble.  They make a large gather of hot glass and flatten it on a marver, which is usually a flat slab of graphite.

Next they het the flat glass portion and impel it on the spikes and quickly remove it to make little indentations in the glass.

Color is added over the holes and a technique called implosion is used to drive these little bubbles up and into the center of the marble.


Here are a fewe examples of marbles using a frog.

_mg_9006 Bubbles

_mg_9007 Small humps

_mg_9009 Bubbles with spikes