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Types of Marble Damage


Many things can happen to marbles that make them in need of repair. Several times I wanted to know the history, the story of how the marble received its’ damage. Below is my names, or classifications if you will, of the types of damage I see and am asked to repair. This is ONLY the first step in repairing a marble I am showing you here. After the repair, I “art” the marble and attempt to make it look better.


DENTS – It looks like it’s been in a crash and part of the glass is dented in.


dents before dents after


CHIPS – It looks as if part of the marble was chipped off. Usually it leaves a flat portion on the surface of the marble.


chips before chips after


COLD ROLLS – Places where, as the marble rolled downward on the rollers, the glass cooled so quickly it was not able to completely go round. Usually a circular pattern is formed.


cold rolls before cold rolls after


BUTT CRACKS – As the name implies, places where the glass pinched together making the shape of a person’s butt crack.


butt crcks before butt cracks after


CRACKS – A place where the glass split open causing an opening crack.


cracks before cracks after


PIN PRICKS – Small holes caused by a little air bubble that was trapped just beneath the surface of the marble. The bubble cools faster than the glass so it slightly draws in a portion making a little pin prick looking hole.


pin pricks before pin cracks after


SEAMS – Like sewing cloth, a seam is formed where the glass cooled too quickly while on the rollers. Usually there are several seams during the process and seem to be “Y” shaped most of the time.


seams before seams after


UNSMOOTH SURFACE – The glass cooling at different temperatures and times causes an unsmooth surface on the marble in places.


unsmooth surface unsmooth surface after


OUT OF ROUND – Usually an out of round marble is an oval shape.


out of round before out of round after


MAJOR DAMAGE – As the name implies, the marble was not treated with any care.


major damage before major damage after


TEXTURE DAMAGE – Similar to surface damage but more sever, a course texture is formed on the surface of the marble.


texture before texture fter


OUTCROPPINGS OF GLASS – Small hills of glass sometimes appear as outcroppings on a few marbles.


outcrop before outcrop after


YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME DAMAGE! – These are VERY bad and usually can’t be repaired.


kid me before kid me after