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Buying presents for family members can get tough.  I choose to personalize a gift for my son-in-law.  He's a Chicago Bears Football Team Fan - BIG TIME!!!!!  In the upstairs sports room in his home, there is a display case full of football memorabilia including several items relating to the Bears Football team.

I went on line and found the mascot's image and imported it to Photoshop where I made it a silhouette.  I then got a very thin piece of real copper and used scissors and an Exacto knife to make my art of the mascot giving the image eyes by using a 1/16" hole paper punch.

Then out to the workshop to choose Boro glass that same colors as the team's colors.  I got a huge blob of clear as a view window for a person to see the mascot's image.  Imploded the copper mascot into the clear, applying the dark blue glass on the bottom of the marble and decorating it with the orange colored glass.

The marble is about 2 1/2" in diamater.

_mg_9021  Front view

_mg_9022  Back view

_mg_9023  Side view

_mg_9024  Top view

_mg_9025  Close up view