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Photographing Marbles

Use an opaque pickle bucket with a big hole cut into the bottom of it that is the size of your camera lens.


I drilled a hole in the bottom just a bit larger than the diameter of my close-up camera lels.


I use my Macro lens on my Canon camera.

Go outside IN FULL SUNLIGHT to shoot your pix.

Set-up the shot (I use little blocks of wood for height inside the bucket, a white felt cloth, and sometimes, a marble stand.

wood pieces

I put this all on top of a little work table that matches my height for ease of shooting.

Here are some visuals for you to check-out.

mib on bucket

You can see the marble ready to have the bucket placed over it so the picture can be taken.

I got the opaque pickle bucket at Smart and Final (a store in California).


Sandhill Cranes