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I want to thank the following people for helping me to obtain the pictorial documentation for my article. The pictures are from boxes of marbles Dave McCullough signed or from individuals own private collections that participated in the runs.

The following individuals have been very helpful in the making of my Pictorial History of Jabo Inc. and are listed in alphabetical order:

Joanne Argabrite

Al Blood

Todd Burnworth

David Chamberlain

Matthew Davis

Josh Dinklage

Peter Gallichan

Brian Graham

Dare Hawkins

Bob Jackson

Dave McCullough

Steve Pletcher

Al Rasmus

Rick Hall

Laurie Shelby

Ron Shepherd

Dale Simmons

Steve Sturtz

Windy Turpin

Curtis Westover

Burt Wilkins

This article is in no way complete but a start on documenting Jabo's history. If you would like to send me documented pictures with the dates included, please do and I'll try my best to include them in the article.


1) The older runs that was done at Jabo before 2008, were just called Jabo Classics. Dave McCullough started with only Jabo Fall Classics. Then when the WVMCC was formed Dave started also doing Spring and Fall Classics. Two runs of swirl play marbles per year. Up until 2008when the Experimental runs began. After near a year, late 2008 or early 2009 Dave said that the marbles were not really experimentals any longer. He thought that callingthem Special runs or just got back to the Classic mname would be better. The older Jabo marbles were always just called Jabo Classic before May 2008. That was used for all paper work, bag headers, etc. until May 2008. The veryearly marble bag headers were Jabo/Vitro.

2) The titles Jabo Classic Experimental Runs and Jabo Classic Runs were given to me by Dave McCullough to separate the runs before and after 2008. It is just a name separation and Dave usually knows these runs were not experiments because of his vast practical knowledge of what comes off the rollers during the cooling process. At least, Dave knew what to expect!

3) After the experiments by Sammy Hogue and Jim King with aventurine and oxblood, plus some changes to the tank, no one was positive what would come down the rollers. The very first private investor run was a TOTAL experiment.

4) The experimental runs were in March by Sammy Hogue, March and April 2008 by Jim King and May 2008 the very first Joker run. This was the big experiments or gamble. Each run after those had some unknows or experiments, but much more was known as what to expect. Late in 2009 people started saying they were not experimental runs any longer, because people now knew what was going to happen or be produced. That is when Dave said that maybe they should just be called special or special investor runs and drop the experimental. Then he said maybe just go back to the classic name.

5) Dale Simmons did all the Jabo Classic marble cases pictured in my article. These pictures of the cases are marked as correctly as possible according to the year the marbles were made. Dale’s method would be to take the marbles home from each run per year and fix the display at that time. One would not say 100% of the marbles in the cases were ALL from that particular run, but possibly one or two marbles might have been changed and it is more than likely some marbles that were produced in a particular run were very close to the previous years run. This may cause the confusion that some people are having in classifying the date of the run. If you look at the years Jabo marbles were made you can see several marbles that look to the observer very close in similarities to years gone by. The cases pictured in my article would be as accurate as possible.

6) The earliest runs are the most difficult to identify the run dates. I have tried to be as accurate as possible with these dates. Some feel the 1994 and 1996 marbles were made in 2004 through 2005 and 2005 marbles were made in 2007. Some marbles I have posted in 2006 and 2007 might have been made in 2002. The debate continues but I wanted to start somewhere as this article is a work in progress and I'll keep modifying it as I receive positive documentation before I change anything. If you have any input you'd like to have me look at, please email it to me with as large picture files as possible - thanks!

Jabo Classic Experimental Runs

1991 - 2000 Jabo Pictorial History

Jabo Dave’s FIRST Classic Run


Jabo Industrial Marbles for the Ford Motor Company

Jabo Classics


Jabo Classics

Jabo Classics

Jabo Classics 1995


Jabo Classic 1995/1996


Jabo Classic Experimental 1996

Jabo Green and Purple

Jabo Brown and White

Jabo Classic Experimental 1997

1" examples

Jabo Classic Experimental 1998

Jabo Classic Experimental Fall 1999
(Fall 1999).

Jabo Hot Tamales

Jabo Tie-Dye

Jabo Marble Bag

Note:  The "new" label on this bag was not to be introduced to the general public

until 2000 but it got its' first showing at the West Virginia Marble festival in

May, 1999.   Notice in the first picture the Y2K shooter and in the second

picture the bag in numbered 17/100.  Only 100 bags were given out that day.

Jabo Classic Experimental Fall 2000
(Fall 2000).

Jabo Classic Experimental 2000

Jabo Name Marble Bag – 2000 – 2001 Runs

(Fall 2000-2001)

1" examples