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CLOTH bound books/journals

Each of the cloth bound book/journal I make are of the

travel variety, that is, where there is another spine with

an additional piece for closure and safety of the

book/journal. The book/journal measures 7” across,

9 1/2” tall and 2” thick at the spine, plenty of room for

your memories and treasured pictures. The closure is

a long shoelace. This lace is wrapped around the

book/journal and the long end simply goes under the

short piece and then all you have to do is to tie a bow,

no knot is necessary as one would usually make when

tying a shoe lace.

If the book/journal has threads on the outside of the

spine, you can tie found objects, ephemera, drilled

coins, etc. using these threads.

Each bend in the book was reinforced with strapping

tape for if it weren’t reinforced, the continual

opening/closing of the book would cause the cover to

split and break/tear off. The signatures inside are

made with coordinating card stock paper and there are

a total of 5 signatures making these books 100 pages

in length. Each signature is hand sewn using waxed

linen for durability.

I make custom books/journals of whatever size you

want and with as many signatures and pages as you

want. I’ve made mini books/journals, scrapbook (for

12x12 inch paper) albums and recently I made baby

books for my two new grandchildren. I have custom

paper and if you’d like me to make a special

book/journal for you please email me your desires and

we’ll see what can be done.

This book/journal is of a trip when my wife took

when we went for a 7-week trip to England.