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Below are some of my favorite keeper marbles I have

made over the years.  All these marbles were made

with me standing behind my torch.  Most of them are

made from Moretti (Italian) glass with COE of 104.  I

hope you like them too!


Here is my idea of a marble about water

Carpet tack marble

A marble I made for me

Feathering technique

This is a marble using 100 year old glass from a train

window that I found at the perris Train Museum in

Perris California

I want the bubbles to go where I want them to go!

Included copper

Gold aventurine (Lutz) marble

You know those bolts that hold down the toilet?

Here is my thought of fire in a marble

When 2 marbles went wrong, I put the good halves


Man in the marble marble...lol